Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5: Kid's Laundry

It never ends.  Just as soon as I finish washing, folding, and putting away (if it gets put away ;)) they need clean clothes again.  Now that we're having some cold weather they don't seem to have enough long sleeve shirts and pants to make it through the week.  I just washed a load of their stuff  a few days ago and here I go again. 

It's clean and dry and sitting in the dryer.  I did take their school clothes out tonight and those are ready for the morning.

Now I just need to get it all put away in the morning...


  1. We have that same problem! I even asked the kids to go naked one day so that I could catch up but Halle told me that was against the law. Good luck with yours.

  2. Are you talking about MY KIDS? And my laundry? It's just the same here, only washing, drying and washing and all over again...

  3. I'm one of those moms guilty of the 'dryer fluff' some days! Ha! I am so with you on being over the whole never ending laundry pile!